What We Do


Full Circle’s intentional balance between on-the-ground outreach and policy work has resulted in a powerful cross-pollination between policy development and implementation. Drawing on rich experience within each service realm, Full Circle combines deep subject matter expertise, authentic relationship-building, and innovative solutions to help clients address pressing resource management and policy challenges.

Outreach, Education,
& Technical Assistance

The world of garbage brings us in touch with business owners, custodians, property managers, waste haulers, elected officials, materials processors, manufacturers, and myriad other people and organizations

Research & Reporting

Full Circle is insatiably curious, whether it’s recycling markets, stakeholder positions, environmental impacts, policy implications, regulatory clarity, or good restaurants.

Stakeholder Engagement

It takes lots of parties at the table to make a full circle. As the negotiation aphorism teaches: “If you are not at the table, you may end up on the menu.”

Policy Development
& Legislative Support

A morning spent educating businesses about waste prevention is of equal value to an afternoon spent before a legislative committee. Each informs the other.

Market &
Economic Development

Economic development and environmental protection not only can co-exist, they must. The terms of this coexistence allow for discussion and disagreement, and open the door for creativity.