Market & Economic Development

Metal Rolls FactoryEconomic development and environmental protection not only can co-exist, they must. It is the terms of this coexistence that allow for discussion and disagreement, and open the door for creativity.

Full Circle’s work in this arena ranges from straightforward market expansion for environmentally-preferable products, to developing recovery and processing infrastructure for under-utilized materials, to changing the terms of the debate by moving costs away from ratepayers, taxpayers, and local governments and toward producers and consumers.

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Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool

EPEAT® is a comprehensive environmental rating system that helps identify greener computers and other electronic equipment. The EPEAT approach was conceived and developed through the collaboration

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Federal Electronics Challenge

The Federal Electronics Challenge (FEC) is a partnership program that encourages federal facilities and agencies to: purchase greener electronic products, reduce impacts of electronic products

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Packaging Policy & Stakeholder Engagement

Public and private stakeholders, including businesses throughout the life-cycle chain, agree that packaging presents some of the greatest challenges and opportunities for increased recycling and

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Carpet Processing, Recovery & Economic Development

Early in this century, Full Circle’s David Stitzhal represented the Northwest Product Stewardship Council at a groundbreaking series of national stakeholder meetings. The assembled group

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Auto Shred Residue: Stakeholder Engagement & Market Development

In this multi-year project, Full Circle’s Eden Mack and David Stitzhal have supported efforts by the WA State Department of Ecology and Region 10 EPA

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