Market & Economic Development

Pie Charts & Magnifying GlassIf real estate’s triplet maxim is location, location, location, the past few years have seen recycling’s axiomatic triad emerge as jobs, jobs, jobs.

Yet despite the Great Recession and heartbreaking unemployment, market development and economic activity in the context of resource conservation must go beyond the simple metric of employment.

Expanding use of recycled-content feedstock, increasing the purchase of environmentally-preferable goods, bringing local processing to town, expanding collection networks and ways to pay those collectors, and, yes, increasing job growth, all begin with the same things: relationships, trust, pragmatic quid pro quo, and sometimes with baseline legislation to level the playing field.

Full Circle has proven itself as an effective convener, facilitator, and participant in the often delicate and contentious process of market development. Creativity, humor, subject expertise, and close listening go a long way.

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Apparel Clothing & Textile 2

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Climate Change Reduction through Environmentally-Preferable Purchasing


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Electric Drive Vehicle End-of-Life Battery Market Research

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Used Oil and HHW Collection, Outreach & Education

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Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool

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Federal Electronics Challenge

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Carpet Processing, Recovery & Economic Development

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Auto Shred Residue: Stakeholder Engagement & Market Development

Auto Dead Car

In this multi-year project, Full Circle’s Eden Mack and David Stitzhal have supported efforts by the WA State Department of Ecology and Region 10 EPA

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